You Like Hot Dogs?

“You’re not going to eat that are you?”

I glance down at the hot dog covered with chili and onions in my hand, waiting to be devoured. The only thing missing is coleslaw on top, but 7-11 doesn’t offer that - yet. “Yes, I’m going to eat it. It’s my lunch.”

“Do you know what hot dogs are made of? No, because no one knows what they’re made of. It’s just ground up scraps pressed together in a perverted image. Why would you want to put that in your mouth?”

“Because I’m hungry and as I said, it’s my lunch. Besides,” I give a shrug as I lift the loaded down bun to my mouth, “I enjoy hot dogs.”

The naysayer makes a disgusted face as he shakes his head. “Why would anyone want to put that garbage into their bodies? Do you know what eating like that is going to do to you one day? Only idiots would do that to their bodies.”

I lifted my chili dog to my lips as if in a toast and then took a massive bite.

I like hot dogs and I could care less what this person’s opinion was on the issue. The fact that he felt the need to chastise me for my tastes in food only revealed how close minded he was about life.

Yet, that’s how the majority of people are today. You don’t hear people screaming that everyone needs to enjoy hot dogs. You only hear the reasons why it’s disgusting that you do. Don’t believe me? Look at the issue of tattoos, for an example. I’ve never heard people with body art complain when they see someone without ink on their bodies. “You don’t have a tattoo? What the hell is wrong with you? Everyone has tattoos.” Those lines have never made it to my ears. It’s the same with body piercings. Those who have them don’t ridicule those who don’t.

However, the reverse could not be said. People without tattoos quite often judge those who have them, especially those people who have turned their flesh into a canvas for another’s artistic expression. “They’re going to regret that when they turn 80 and that wave on her chest comes crashing down on her stomach. Why would any sane person want to do that to their body?” And the criticisms continue. Yet, what does it matter? It’s not your body.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of tattoos. First off, I’m covered with a carpet of hair so only a wolf or a gorilla tattoo would look right. However, that’s my personal choice. I have plenty of loved ones and friends that enjoy tattoos and can’t wait to show me their newest creation. It’s their body. Why would anyone else care what they do to it?

And the list goes on. Health nuts want to condemn the rest of us and keep us from our Quarter Pounders and our Super Big Gulps. Those who enjoy guns don’t judge the people who have never picked one up. However, many want to take their rights away because they don’t care for guns. The gay community has never tried to ban straight marriage, but the war has went on for centuries going the other way. It’s ridiculous at how the close minded want to close everyone else’s minds as well. Contrary to what you may have been taught in public office or in church, you are not the standard by which everyone else should live. People should be able to live their lives the way that brings them the most happiness without a litany of judgmental criticisms being lodged against them.

There is nothing wrong with you not liking or agreeing with someone’s lifestyle choice. This philosophy that we have to approve of everyone’s life choices is a stifling of free thought and will. However, that freedom doesn’t include forcing everyone into your idea of what’s right and proper. Everyone should be able to enjoy their hot dogs in peace!

* * * * *

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