Why Are You Always So Angry?

I realize life can be tough at times. Illness, financial hardships, relationship woes, a struggling business, a lay off, a wayward child, an arrogant child, and the list goes on and on. Life was not meant to be easy. It wasn’t meant to be fair. It was just meant to be life. And truth be told, life at its hardest is better than no life at all.

However, that doesn’t stop people from coming across angry at the world and everyone and everything in it. They grumble, mumble, moan and complain. Their ice cream is too cold or melting too fast or doesn’t have enough sprinkles or came with sprinkles and they hate sprinkles. It’s too hot outside. It’s too cold inside. The music is too loud. Now they can’t hear it. They hate the world because the world hates them and the world barely knows them. They’re just angry inside, a boiling, bubbling mass of animosity.

There are plenty of things to be angry about in this world. War. Famine. Murderers. Injustice. Politicians. Twerking. Yet, these people are mad at puppies on television and the Pillsbury Dough Boy. They’re mad because the sun came up that day and will be equally pissed when it goes down. They’re angry because you are happy. They are even angry because you aren’t happy.

I’ve often wondered what had happened to these people to make them so angry at life. I mean, I can sort of understand the woe-is-me crowd. They’re jealous of the success or glad tidings of others or they want the attention a pity party brings. They aren’t angry; they’re sad, miserable. Yet, the angry people don’t want attention really. They just want to be angry.

They are also bitter people. They bring a sour taste to everything they are involved in. Their words are sharp bites filled with venom meant to poison the people who care to smile instead of grimace. They’ve held an imagined grudge for so long they no longer remember who they were mad at and so now take it out on everyone.

And they are exhausting. Being angry takes more energy than being happy. Even being indifferent is sometimes better. Angry people suck the energy out of those around them and dim the lights in a bright room by their mere presence. Your energy is better expended on worthwhile causes and activities. Furthermore, your energy will be better spent with positive, joyful people.

Who you surround yourself with will determine what qualities are strengthened and which ones will be weakened in your own life. If I am around complainers too much, I find myself complaining more. If I’m around negative people, I find my mood darkens where just a moment ago it was cheerful. I don’t want to be surrounded by grumblers. I much prefer uplifting personalities that see the good and the positive in things instead of the negative. I need to have that positive reinforcement as opposed to the tearing down of things. I want people to pull me up, not bring me down. In order to have a happy life you first must surround yourself with happy people. Who are you allowing into your life and what effect are they having?

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