Why Am I an Indie Author

The truth is, I’ve never tried to be anything except an Indie author. Why? Because I love everything about it. It’s my time table, my responsibility, my adventure. Everything that happens with my writing is because I made it happen. I’m not waiting for someone to approve something, or someone to get through with another author so they can get to me. I only have to wait on me to get the words on paper.

Okay, that’s not completely honest. I do have to wait on my editors-in-residence to get through tearing up my manuscript so I can fix what was broken, but every writer should be doing that. My deadlines are mine, otherwise, built around my calendar and availability. I will produce as much as I can or as little depending on what is happening around me, but still, it’s all in my hands.

Furthermore, I love the control factor. My writing goes where I want it to go. The covers are how I want them to appear. The formatting is how I wish it. These are all factors that, quite often, you don’t get to control when you sign that contract. This is my business and I run it the way I think works best for me.

Yet, it is a business and I have to keep that in mind. My success or failure is in my hands, not a publisher’s. There is no scapegoat as to why my book didn’t sell. That’s all in my lap. And I gladly accept it, because it’s forced me to learn so much that I wouldn’t have even known existed before I began this journey. I’ve met great people who have pointed me in the right direction and, together, we are helping each other be the best we can be. I know where my books are listed because I put them there. I also know how much money is coming in and what marketing plans are working or not, which enables me to change things up as I see fit. I’m only limited by my creativity.

Why am I an Indie author? I simply wouldn’t desire to be anything else. I’m having the time of my life seeing my words affect others, hearing how the covers caught their eyes or the swag made them take notice. Being Indie to me is the best thing to be and I love the community of which I’m a part. This is the best adventure and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Until next time, keep chasing your fantasies!

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