Who's Cooking Tonight?

It’s easy for me to get confused. I mean, I share a home with three ladies who have divvied up the chores and I have a hard enough time remembering what day of the week it is, so remembering who is cooking that night is even more of a challenge. They have menus that they email to each other as they prepare grocery lists and they tell me when it’s my night to cook, which means they expect me to take them out to eat. Of course, they have to remind me because I tend to forget pretty quickly, especially when it comes to spending money. They have it all figured it, though, so I don’t have to worry. I know I’ll eat that night, regardless of who’s cooking.

I have to admit, these ladies have it pretty well figured out. I’ve shared with you in previous posts, such as “I’d Rather Share My Husband”, The Balance of More Equals Less, and The Girls - My Entourage, Personal Assistants, PR Firm, My Editors-in-residence, how our family meshes and how, for the sake of family, we’ve adjusted certain aspects of our lives that others have firmly rooted into place. However, I am always amazed at how well these three ladies make it all flow. Even when it comes to our social events, like a cookout at the house or a themed party, they each know what needs to be done and who needs to do it. Take our parties for instance. Teri handles the menu, Char does the decorations, and Sarah does the drinks. I just stay out of the way until they tell me to move something. It’s the same for everything we do. Trips. Cleaning the house. Cooking. Even grocery lists. Each one has taken on the responsibility of certain items to make sure they are always in stock. They make all of their effort seem effortless and they make our family run smoothly.

One of the things that makes our family work so well is the diversity of strengths, tastes and talents. Char loves to tinker and build things. She’s great with the mechanical and sports world. Teri is our computer whiz and organizer. She helps us know where we are going and what we’re doing when we get there. Sarah is the artist and helps us see things through the painter’s eye. I keep us on task and moving forward so that each of us can reach our goals and dreams. We pour all of that into our family and what comes out is success for all.

Not all of us can do everything. To be honest, we’re not meant to do it all, at least not alone. However, when we surround ourselves with awesome people, we find that more is accomplished than if we ran with it solo. I would not be as successful as I am today without these ladies in my life as well as the help of such great friends and other indie authors. So, if you’re feeling unsuccessful in whatever you’re doing, look around. Who do you have surrounding you? Make sure they’re positive, upbeat people that you can get behind as they get behind you. Together, you will be unstoppable.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Until next time, keep chasing your fantasies!

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