The Use of the Like Button

To be honest, when people press the LIKE button on Facebook, it sometimes confuses me. I’m not talking about pages for authors, movies, musicians, or inappropriate jokes. Those I can comprehend. However, sometimes, I have to sit back and wonder what people were really thinking when they placed their cursor over that little blue LIKE word and clicked.. I’ll give you an example.

Facebook status update from someone on my newsfeed: “Not feeling well today. Couldn’t sleep all night as I was coughing and felt like puking my guts out all over my butterfly sheets.”

And then someone clicks LIKE.

What does that mean??? Are they happy the person was sick and miserable all night long? If that’s the case why are they even friends on Facebook? Does it mean they’re sending up prayers for a quick recovery? Then why don’t they say that? Is it for the people who don’t know what to say, so they just click that little LIKE button and hope the other person at least smiles that someone cared enough to read their update? Maybe it means, “Why the hell are you putting this on Facebook?” In that case, I would understand, because I often wonder why people put the crap in their updates that they post.

I’ve seen that button clicked for the saddest things. “My dad passed away today.” LIKE. “I was rushed to the hospital today.” LIKE. “My dog had kittens.” LIKE. It doesn’t make sense!!! Do people even read the updates? Or do they just go down their newsfeed and click the LIKE button?

If someone clicked LIKE when I just said I was in the hospital, I would be unfriending them on Facebook and kicking their ass as soon as I was released. They may think it’s funny but it’s a joke I don’t get.

Social media has allowed us to become lazy in our relationships. We think that just because it’s on Facebook or we sent out a tweet that that releases us from any other further obligation to communication. And yet, even there our communication skills are quite often left to open interpretation. This is a sad state of our society.

LIKE is for positive, uplifting things. If it’s not worthy of a LIKE, then it is worthy of a comment wishing the other person health or strength or happiness. As with everything else in life, however, sometimes we are just in a hurry and can’t afford to take the time. Clicking LIKE at least shows we saw it.

It’s not enough. Don’t allow your meaning to be lost or confusing. Take the time to communicate, so that your meaning is clear and your true desires heard. Click LIKE if you agree.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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