The Sandman Cometh

Black Hollow is a world I enjoy visiting from time to time, and I know many of you feel the same way. For those who may not know, Black Hollow is a town full of every paranormal and supernatural beings imaginable, from gargoyles to grim reapers, witches to vampires, and even the demons of Hell. So far, my stories have included demons and leprechauns, the original Jack O-Lantern, vampires, humans, shapeshifters, and even Lucifer himself. My next story will tell us a little bit about the Sandman and why he was sleeping so much at the end of Blood Shadows.

Now, Slumber’s Destiny, my fifth Black Hollow book, is not scheduled to release until May 20th of this year, but we’ve already put it up for pre-order, AND we’ve created a special deal just for my newsletter subscribers and members of my readers group on Facebook. For this week ONLY, Slumber’s Destiny is 99¢, but as I said, it’s ONLY for this week. Next Friday, the pre-order price will go up to $3.99, so you’ll want to reserve your copy today. We’re not advertising it or telling anyone else about it, so that you get the special price before anyone else. Don’t miss out. Reserve your copy today.

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