The Best of Both Worlds

Christmas is here!!!! And Susanna Tawnie is hoping Santa Claus brings her everything she wants this year. She’s not really asking for much. Not really. She’s not asking for clothes, or new shoes, or a new car, or even a trip home to see her parents. She doesn’t want any of that. Not this year. To be honest, all she wants this Christmas is both of her roommates. That’s not asking for much, right?

She’s not sure how she landed in this predicament, but Susanna has found herself in a relationship with BOTH of her roommates. It started with sweet, spontaneous Caiden. Of course, it had to start with him, because Brandon already had a submissive, Molly Bennet. Susanna never even thought of Brandon in that way because of his relationship. Soft, romantic Caiden Grisham was always looking out for Susanna, treating her to surprises and long mornings in bed or walks on the beach. He spoiled her in every way she could imagine, making her his princess above all others. Then, he asked her not to go home for Thanksgiving, to spend it with him that year, and the look in his eyes told her he asked for more than just the holiday. His soft eyes, his warm lips, melted her heart, and she was eager to spend all the time with him he wanted.

And then Molly broke up with Brandon, right before Thanksgiving, leaving him a miserable, lost wreck, a master without a submissive, and it wasn’t until that very moment that Susanna realized Brandon’s lifestyle intrigued her. She wanted to know what it was like to be a submissive, to explore his world of structure, rituals, and even kink. She yearned to be his precious pet, as Molly had been. She woke up that Monday morning after Thanksgiving, and did everything for Brandon Molly had done – pressing his clothes, preparing his breakfast, making sure he was ready for the day. When they were alone, she impulsively asked him to teach her to be a submissive, but what she didn’t tell him was that she was also in a relationship of sorts with Caiden.

She didn’t tell Caiden about Brandon, either. How could she?

The juggling act began as she continued to see both roommates, getting deeper and deeper into each relationship while trying to hide it from both men. That is, until she couldn’t hide it any longer.

Both men were complete opposites, wanting different things from their relationships, and while Brandon thought he had every right to order his submissive around, Caiden didn’t appreciate his girlfriend being treated that way. Sooner or later, things were going to explode, and the only one Susanna could turn to for help was Santa. Would it be possible to get everything she wanted for Christmas? Or would coal – along with broken hearts – be all she received this year? Could someone really have the Best of Both Worlds? Susanna was going to do her best to try, but she had to hurry before her secret was discovered and Christmas was ruined for everyone.

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