No Sleeping Through Slumber’s Destiny

My next release will return us to the world of Black Hollow, a paranormal town in Massachusetts full of supernatural beings from mythology, folklore, and the paranormal worlds. It will also be my fifth book in the series, but things aren’t slowing down at all, I guarantee you.

At the end of Blood Shadows, we found out that Sandie, the Sandman, who runs Daydreamer Inn, has been sleeping way too much. However, it’s during his periods of slumber that he’s truly awake and alive. Why? As I thought about the character of the Sandman, I kept wondering what type of individual would be drawn to someone who helped other people fall asleep. He runs a cozy inn, wears pajamas and thick socks quite often, and keeps technology out of his inn so the guests can maintain a semblance of peace and quiet during their stay. So, where would his love interest come from? Well, it seemed only natural that his romance would appear while he was dreaming, and who better to find him while he was asleep than a dream walker?

Destiny has started her journey into dream walking and comes across the slumbering Sandman. However, as she draws nearer, intrigued by the man who helps others find sleep and peaceful dreams, someone else is watching her. Soon, she’s being hunted, and only Sandie and the folks of Black Hollow can save her. The problem is, how do you rescue someone you only see in your dreams?

This one proves to be an interesting writing journey as I dig further and further into the lore behind both the Sandman and dreamwalkers. I can’t wait to share what I’ve discovered with you.

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