My First Book Signing

This past Saturday was a blast for the girls and me as we attended the Authors for Authors Book Signing Event, our first book signing since we began this road of indie publishing. We purchased the swag, ordered extra copies of the books, had a banner made and a table runner, and even bought two cases on wheels to lug it all around. If anything we looked professional. We felt nervous as all get out, though, not knowing what to really expect. Aren’t all virgins on their first tryst a little nervous?

However, there really was no need for the jitters. The people running it––Valerie Allen, Marshall Frank, and Holly Fox Vellekop, authors themselves––were fantastic and we enjoyed talking to them. They made you feel welcome and were readily available to answer any and all questions. They even gave out small gifts of supplies and I won one of the two raffles they held. I am now stocked on pens, notebooks and paperclips with Valerie Allen’s book, ‘Tis Herself Short Story Collection Volume One, to enjoy this week. We even were able to meet and hear Tim Dorsey speak and, while I have never had the chance to read one of his books (Sorry, Tim), his sense of humor as he spoke makes me want to go out and purchase one.

I even sold some books! Yet, that was not the highlight of the day. The exciting part for the girls and I were meeting the various authors. And we met some great ones, such as Bruce Buckingham, Dee Ann Waite, Yvonne Mason, Jaimie Engle, and Randy Austin. Each of these people were both great helps to us and a pleasure to talk with as we spent seven hours together, sometimes bumping into each other as we tried to move.

Up until Saturday, most of my author friends had all been from social media, and I have surrounded myself with some of the best and most supportive. You know, because you’ve heard me praise them over and over. Some, such as Margie Miklas and James Jackson, I’ve had the honor of meeting in person and shaking their hands. Yet, this past weekend, the girls pushed (more like shoved) me out of my comfort zone and out of the recliner and I was able to make some great friendships as well as business connections with those who live within a short drive of me who have the same spirit of support that I have come to expect from the indie community. For that I am very grateful and count the day a major success.

We even had some friends come out and offer their support and say hello. With David and Myona’s grandson, I was able to swag him out and claim him as my youngest fan. Luckily, he can’t read the wristband he’s wearing.

Eventually, the nerves disappeared and I settled into a routine of engagement with those around me. The four of us asked questions and took plenty of notes, walking away with new ideas as well as on how to improve our marketing strategy. The day for us was a huge success and I look forward to attending my next book signing, especially with Authors for Authors. Thanks to all who helped me get this far and to the three ladies who always make me look so good at whatever we’re doing. I couldn’t do it without you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Until next time, keep chasing your fantasies!

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