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A new series begins...

Kindle Worlds went away, closed the doors, put up a CLOSED sign, and said thanks for being a part but we’re moving onto something else. What that something else is, I have no idea. However, we took it as a sign to move onto something new ourselves. While I am grateful for being a part of Milly Taiden’s Sassy Ever After world in KW, we made the decision to take back the rights to my stories and integrate them into my paranormal world, Draven Falls. While Draven Falls will be set in North Carolina, Destined Mates will still be set in Bull Creek, Florida, and our team went out a few weeks ago and shot some fantastic videos and photos of the area to share with you. The videos are being formatted now, but I’ll include some pictures to help you get an idea of the scene where the paranormal races of Destined Mates reside.

Lush woods for the shifters to prowl.

The theme behind Destined Mates is more than just love. Instead, we discover in the stories that we can overcome anything—prejudice, abuse, bullies, even our past—when we’re with the one (or ones) we’re destined to spend our lives with. Life is just better. Furthermore, we are destined to meet those people, no matter what poor decisions we made before that fated encounter, and then everything just falls into place as our hearts are mended.

Shooting a video on an old wooden bridge.

Bull Creek is an actual place, founded in the late 1800s, early 1900s for its cypress, which is another great tie-in to Draven Falls as we built our paranormal world around a logging community. The alpha of Bull Creek is Dimitri Everest, so of course, we get to read his story first, but there are so many other fantastic characters dwelling in this small, wooded community that the stories could go on for some time, and I look forward to exploring each one. First, is Magic’s Mate, which releases August 9, 2018.

•.¸✿¸.• ♥ • ¯`v´¯) Magic’s Mate by Robbie Cox ¯`v´¯) •.¸✿¸.• ♥ •

Magic's Mate, Destined Mates Book 1

Adira Brennan never felt so foolish. Jensen never intended to mate with her, never intended to use her for anything except a good time until his true mate returned. Now, with her magic in shards thanks to using it to bring harm, Adira is sent to Bull Creek to help the alpha there take a stand against a pack of coyotes, but can she rely on her magic when the time comes?

Sent to Bull Creek by the Paranormal Council, Dimitri Everest kept a close eye on the hodge-podge collection of residents that made up the community, too busy to open his eyes or his heart to the possibilities of romance. Then Adira arrived and the panther within Dimitri did more than just purr.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For the first three months, each Destined Mates tale will be available in Kindle Unlimited before we move it to other distributors, so make sure you pick up your copy early. For now you can find it solely on Amazon.

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More than just a steamy paranormal romance, Destined Mates will have action, adventure, and emotions that will keep you turning the pages. Don’t miss your chance to follow along with this pack of shifters as they discover their Destined Mates!

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