Book Obsessed Babes Author Event

A big thank you to all of you who came out to see us in Jacksonville this past weekend at the Book Obsessed Babes Author Event. An even bigger thank you to Taira Wilds of Sheer Bliss Events for putting the event on and allowing fifty authors to come together to meet each other and their readers. It was an amazing time and the girls and I are still feeling the impact.

Friday night was the authors’ mingle out by the pool on the fourth floor and from the get-go it was a lot of fun. We met some amazing authors, their families and their personal assistants. We shared drinks, laughs, and stories of writing and signings. Everyone we came in contact with was open and inviting. The weather was chilly with a slight breeze making it even more so, but the open bar and lively stories kept it comfortable. Outside of social media, we had only met one other author attending in person, so we felt like fish out of water. We were not the only ones, however, and soon we were surrounded with newbies as well, each glad we weren’t the only ones.

Once the mingle was over, the stories moved down to take over the bar in the lobby and we continued for another two or three hours. Luckily for us, we had set our table up already so we could sleep in a little in the morning without having to rush. It was a smart move on our part.

Set up began the next morning at nine with the signing beginning at one and lasting until four-thirty. We had the table set up, banner open and my special little hand-out–penis straws. Don’t laugh, they kept people coming back to the table and most people walked away with one or two or three. I think we’ll buy these in bulk now.

We met some awesome fans at the signing. Two young ladies had made posters with a cover of each author and went around getting them signed. I thought it was a great idea and very creative. We signed books, bags, picture frames, slips of paper, book marks, painted boards, you name it, I think I signed it. Except for body parts, but I’m still holding out hope on that one day.

We snapped pictures, shook hands, and shared stories. We met a friend of a friend of ours who lives in another state and even got to visit with a former neighbor for a bit. Two hundred people passed through those doors and made the rounds and each one brought their own excitement and story.

One of the things we did was if a person signed up for our newsletter (which I hope you’ve done already), we entered them in a giveaway for a basket with one of my books, some swag and other odds and ends, chocolate and tea. Several people signed up, for which we are very grateful, and the plan was that they didn’t have to be present to win. We assumed at the end we would draw the name and then mail it to them. Well, about fifteen minutes left in the show, Kelsey Dobbins comes by and asks if we’ve drawn the name yet. It’s winding down, so we decide what the heck. I shake the box and ask author Hilary Wynne to draw a name. She drew Kelsey’s name! That was hilarious and against the odds. We snapped some pictures and even added a book to the basket.

Overall the signing was a great event and it pumped the girls and I up to keep at it, giving us new ideas and fresh perspectives. The friends we made, the readers we had the chance to meet, and getting out of the recliner were all worth it.

Afterwards, the girls and I went to an Irish pub with author Misha Eliott and her husband for some fish and chips and to wait out the brewing storm. It was great to get to meet them and share some stories and ideas. Hopefully, one day we’ll be enjoying drinks on a boat ride with them.

Saturday evening was the fan girl reception and a chance for everyone to say goodbye. It was a bitter sweet time. While we had only just met these people, we had grown close and hated to say farewell. We’re connected on Facebook and will be following them closely, wishing them all great success in their writing. We have a stack of books to read now and are impatient to get to them.

The weekend was one for the memory books and I am glad we went. A giant thank you to Taira Wilds for a great event. If you ever get a chance to participate in something she puts on, I highly recommend you jump on it. We already said we’d be going back and we’re looking forward to it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Until next time, keep chasing your fantasies!

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