Anyone else ready for a vacation? I have the perfect place!

I love getting away to new locales. Traveling has been hindered since this virus hit, but we’ve still managed to get away and visit family and even had a couple of weekends at a hotel just to hide from the world. We love staying at Disney resorts or visiting Savannah, which is probably why I set so many of my stories there. However, I’ve found another place that I want to invite you to visit. Some of you may have already been there. It’s called Crimson Moon Hideaway, and it sits in the middle of the redwoods between Damnation and Redemption Creek. You’ll love it, I’m sure. A merman and mermaid act as lifeguards, an octopus shifter is the bartender, and a fairy runs the coffee shop. You’ll have the time of your life just watching the staff.

Crimson Moon Hideaway is filled with the most amazing characters, paranormal creatures as well as supernatural beings from folklore and mythology. It’s also a place where romance can be found and sometimes a little adventure. I know because I’ve heard from some of the guests there. Take Mason Wentworth for instance, an elf who actually went there to spend four days reading. I know you can relate to that, right? Reading on a vacation. However, a sexy fairy insinuates herself into his vacation, turning his plans on their head as she forces him out of his bubble and into some sizzling fun. Unfortunately, for Kiki Stanford, it’s a bet she has going with her friend Deedee as to which one will be able to score first on their vacation. However, in order to win the bet, Kiki gets closer to the elf than she intends.

Whimsical Seduction is a romantic comedy set in a paranormal resort, and I’m sure you’re going to laugh and maybe even cry as you turn each page. Emotions run high at times, but so do the laughs as the tiny fairy makes the stuffy elf—Mr. Stuffy Pants—lose his stiff behavior and enjoy himself. By the time you finish reading this romantic romp, you’ll find yourself saying, “Get outta here,” all the time. To understand that, though, you’ll have to read Whimsical Seduction.

But, don’t stop there. Four other stories are releasing today sharing the stories of other guests at Crimson Moon Hideaway. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them all.

I’d also love to hear where your favorite vacation spot is, so hit the reply button and fill me in. I might have to schedule a trip there one day.

Until then, happy reading,

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