A Sneak Peek at Sibling Rivalry

On April 15th, Sibling Rivalry will be released and we're beyond excited for this next book. To give you a taste of what's to come, check out this teaser of chapter one.

She should be asleep by now, lost in some dream world with some bare-chested hunk from one of her romance novels. She should be, but she wasn’t, not with her sister in the next room. Aimee Harper lay in her bed, again regretting sharing an apartment with her twin sister, a regret she had almost every weekend. It was three in the morning and instead of the deep silence of night lulling her to sleep, she was being kept wide awake by her sister’s cries of pleasure. Living with Karla really wasn’t the problem; at least, not usually. When Karla had first asked to share her condo, Aimee had thought it a great idea. She could save money, which would assist her in her quest to actually do something with her photography hobby and have someone to split the household chores with. When she didn’t have to remind Karla to do her portion, that is. And, for the most part, they got along as well as most siblings. They bickered here and there, squabbled over who drank the last Diet Coke, and whose turn it was to clean their only bathroom, but they made it work. No, it wasn’t the fault of Karla and her wild nights. The blame lay with their apartment’s thin walls, compounded by the fact that their beds rested along the same wall. That was a fact she needed to remedy first thing in the morning and while she was being kept awake by her sister’s one night stand, Aimee had mentally rearranged her room three times. That wasn’t enough to distract her from the fact that she was privy to Karla’s moans as well as the bumps of the bed against the wall. She didn’t need to experience someone else’s sexual exploit this Saturday night. She needed an exploit of her own.

With her eyes closed, Aimee took a deep breath, trying to calm the emotions gurgling up inside of her. She should have known how the night was going to end when Karla brought home… Aimee opened her eyes and stared up at the ceiling. What was his name? After a minute or two of trying to conjure up the name of Karla’s new toy, she surrendered. It simply escaped her, like so many of the other names of the men her sister had brought home. She never kept them for very long, so Aimee saw no need investing in the normal civilities. Besides, knowing her sister, Karla had probably never even introduced him as she scurried the man through their apartment and straight to her bedroom for the predictable conclusion to her night’s activities. As Aimee recalled, Karla had barely even waved on her way through the condo and the man was too intent on Karla’s heart-shaped ass to even notice that Aimee had been sitting on the couch in her flannel pajamas, eating popcorn, sorting through her sunrise prints, and watching an old Bob Hope movie. Aimee sighed into her pillow at the image of her Saturday night. Boy, do I live a pathetic life. She really needed to get her car fixed.

The action on the other side of the wall began a steady rhythm that sent tremors through Aimee’s bed, her head bouncing slightly on her pillow. Her sister was always bringing home men. It was one of the main reasons she wanted out of her mom’s house. She used to sneak boys into her room when they were in high school, which wasn’t all that long ago, though it seemed like forever. Of course, when you’re in your twenties, a year feels like a decade. That’s why we think we have plenty of time to accomplish our dreams. We’re young. There’s always a tomorrow. Still, Aimee preferred Karla’s conquests being sneaked in as opposed to having them pranced in front of her like a prize Karla had won at the state fair. Sometimes, it came across like “look what I have that you don’t.” Aimee knew what she didn’t have. She didn’t need reminding.

There were times, like tonight, that Aimee wished her sister still lived with their mother and was not invading her private domicile. She had moved to Gainesville to gain some independence as well as some separation. When she had returned to help with their sick father, she had quickly found her own place to keep that independence. Well, that, plus she was tired of seeing her sister manipulate their mother. How Karla had even managed to talk Aimee into allowing her to move in was beyond her. Yet, that was Karla, always getting whatever she wanted.

She heard something fall off Karla’s night stand on the other side of the wall as her sexual cry penetrated the night. As much as she fought it, the sounds were making Aimee’s own juices begin to soak into her panties as she recognized the scene in the other room moving from foreplay to the main show. She finally succumbed to the growing excitement within her and slid her fingers under the waistband of her pajama pants down to the growing heat between her legs. Karla’s whimpers seeped through the wall as Aimee rubbed her swollen clit in cadence with the thumps of headboard on drywall. She knew she shouldn’t be doing it, using her sister’s sexual activity to get herself off. It felt wrong—dirty, even—but it was all she had. It had been way too long since her last date and even longer since she had had sex. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time one of the twins had used the other’s exploits to get themselves off.

She closed her eyes and pictured her own body sprawled on the bed, her legs spread as she envisioned Clint Asher from three doors down plunging his cock deep inside of her pussy, opening her up with his massive organ. She had been using him in her fantasies for a while and his powerful face popped easily into her frenzied mind. It was her cries now echoing against the walls as her hips thrust upward to meet his in a sweaty pounding of heated flesh. It was her swollen nipples being pinched and flicked, sending orgasmic shocks throughout her body. It was Clint’s hips grazing against her clit, not her fingers drawing wet circles around the hood of her swollen pearl.

A scream split the night, shouting out her orgasm as her body twitched underneath her fingers. Her heart pounded as her eyes flew open at the realization that it was her scream, not her sister’s, that had ripped the silence. She covered her mouth with the hand that had been pinching her nipple as her chest heaved with the lust that coursed through her. She squeezed her eyes shut, praying no one had heard her, but knowing there was no way they couldn’t have. Even with her sister’s own cries of sexual pleasure, Aimee’s had pierced the apartment. Oh, great. Please don’t let that man spend the night.

That man was Brad Pennington and he did spend the night. He was standing over the stove when Aimee trudged her way out of the hallway and he spotted her before she could duck back into the bathroom and freshen up. He stood about three inches past six feet and came equipped with a thick chest and flat shoulders that Aimee could probably have rested her morning coffee on without fear of falling. He was bald and clean-shaven with a smile that she was glad he had decided not to hide behind facial hair. He was obviously a morning person, because even after being up until four in the morning doing the nasty to her sister, he was cheerfully making breakfast and had already swallowed half a pot of coffee. At least he had left her some. He wore blue jeans with his smile and that was all. Aimee glanced over the counter and wasn’t disappointed that even the man’s feet were sexy. How in the world is Karla so damn lucky?

Aimee realized she was still in her baggy flannels and tried to hide behind the island counter as she raked her fingers through her long, blond hair. She really wished Karla would give her some sort of warning before allowing her to wake up to someone in their kitchen, especially a sculpture like Brad. Yet, Karla had never been that proactive before and Aimee highly doubted the other Harper sibling was likely to start anytime soon.

“Wow,” he said as he turned and filled a mug with coffee, setting it in front of her when he was done. “Karla didn’t tell me you two were twins. I bet people confuse the two of you all the time.”

“Even with her hair dyed brown. It gets annoying.”

“Well, I’ll do my best not to add to that annoyance.”

“Isn’t it great waking up to a bare-chested man cooking breakfast?” Karla appeared out of the hallway in her silk robe, which barely covered the bottom of her ass. Even though she tried to appear as if she had just woken up, Aimee knew she had brushed her shoulder-length chocolate hair, fixed her makeup and roughed herself up in just the perfect way. Karla was never a mess without it being on purpose and she never allowed the men she brought home to see the natural side of her in the morning. “Always make them think you wake up gorgeous,” she had told Aimee when they had first moved in together. She would wake up before her date did and make sure her “morning face” was exactly as she wanted it. “Did you two introduce yourselves while I was sleeping in?”

Aimee fought not to roll her lake-blue eyes. “Actually, I just woke up myself. I thought it was you frying the bacon until I remembered you don’t cook.”

Karla ignored her. Instead, she walked over to Brad, the top of her head just barely reaching his shoulders, and ran a finger down his flat chest, “What can I say? My talents aren’t in the kitchen.”

Brad grinned at her, revealing his perfect white teeth as he leaned down and kissed her forehead. “I’m sure the talents I experienced last night could be used anywhere.”

This time Aimee did roll her eyes. She had to cough a couple of times, as well, to get them to pry their eyes off each other. She stretched her hand out across the counter at the mountain of a one night stand her sister was attempting to climb. “Hi, I’m Aimee, her sister.”

After prying himself from Karla’s embrace, Brad wiped his hands on a towel he had tucked into his waistband before shaking her hand. “Brad, Brad Pennington. I hope my being here doesn’t bother you. I promise, I’m a good cook.”

Aimee shrugged her shoulders. “Not at all. Karla’s men always cook me breakfast the morning after screwing my sister. I haven’t cooked a weekend morning in ages. What are we having?” She tried to smile syrupy sweet.

Her sister turned and glared at her before giving Brad’s chest a kiss. “Yes, what is for breakfast?”

He glanced back and forth between the two sisters, not sure what was really going on. He must have decided to just ignore it as sibling barbs, because he said nothing about Aimee’s comment and simply announced the morning fare. “And it’s almost ready. Will your boyfriend be joining us?”

“Boyfriend?” Aimee felt her eyebrows pinch together with her confusion. What in the world has Karla told him? “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Oh.” Now Brad looked confused. “Sorry. I just… Well, the walls are extremely thin. I know you heard us because, well, we heard the two of you. I just assumed he had spent the night, as well.”

Aimee felt the redness of her embarrassment warm her cheeks as she ignored Karla’s smirk. “No, it was just a quick booty call. He left right afterward.”

“Oh, well, I made too much food then. Sorry. Where are your glasses?” He pulled three glasses from a cupboard Aimee pointed out to him and then poured everyone some orange juice.

“Oh good.” Karla patted his flat stomach as she passed him. “I’ll just go freshen up a bit and join you at the table. I’m not sure how you can stand looking at me fresh out of bed like this.”

“Because I saw you freshly tucked into that bed,” he said, and Aimee could have sworn his eyes sparkled. Why were men so corny after getting their rocks off?

Soon they were sitting around the table, dipping bacon in syrup and eating pancakes. The breakfast conversation turned to other things and Aimee was able to eat without feeling nauseous watching her sister drool over her latest catch. Brad worked in real estate and seemed pretty successful at it. Aimee wasn’t surprised. He seemed a natural salesman just from what she had witnessed that morning as he maneuvered her sister. Of course, Karla was better at the manipulation game and while Brad probably thought he was playing Karla, Aimee knew he was the one being played. Her sister always had an angle she was working. Always.

Karla held a piece of bacon between her fingers as she said, “I told Brad about your car problems. He has a friend he’s going to call and hook us up. He might be able to help us get it running smooth again.” She smiled at Aimee just before taking a bite of her bacon.

Unbelievable was all Aimee thought as she stared at her sister. She had been right about who was being played, but she hadn’t considered that it was for her benefit and not Karla’s. She glanced over at Brad. “That’s really nice of you, but I’m sure we can manage. I have some money set aside that I was going to use for the Decades of Rock concerts in a couple of weeks. I’d rather it go towards getting the car fixed.” She glanced back at her sister, hoping she felt the daggers she was sending. “I would hate to take advantage of a friend.”