A Quiet Place

One of the main rules of writing I have often heard is that one must find that quiet nook away from a busy household that will enable you to write without distraction. Yet, I have always prided myself on being able to write anywhere and at anytime. I have written in cars and on planes, during rock concerts and lengthy sermons. The noise level that surrounds me has never been an obstacle to putting thoughts down on paper. I have always been able to tune out the noises surrounding me as I tune out the children when they ask for money. However, it is true that nothing really compares to the serene places of solitude where imagination is your only distraction.

It is easier to create something in those quiet moments, regardless of whether it’s a strip of lonely beach, a silent patch in the woods, or a corner of my back porch. The nature that surrounds me allows my mind to both wander and focus at the same time. Ideas flutter along with the butterfly that’s perching on one flower and then the next, never lasting for more than a few seconds. They no longer have to scream over the chaotic noise of daily life just to be recognized. Fresh thoughts are not competing with the reruns on the television or the begging children and ideas are not vanquished to Nevermore when someone starts talking without realizing that while my body is there, my mind is not.

Furthermore, with the birds flying overhead and the breaking waves as my background music, I can focus more on what the characters in my story are doing versus the characters at work. I can follow the twists of my subplots without worrying about the twists in the road, as well. Quietness helps to restore the creative vision by stripping away the distractions of what others believe is urgent. And there is always something that has been deemed urgent. To the person who creates, nothing is more important than what is being created while it is being created and we must protect that time at all costs.

It is vital to the human soul to get away from the workings of the world and enjoy the cleansing beauty of nature. It helps to cleanse the mind of the toxins of a hectic existence. For me, it also restores hope that the earth will survive the ignorance of man. As our bodies need rest from the daily grind, so do our souls and minds. Find that quiet place that allows you to shake the stress of everything that screams for your attention and then climb a tree and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. As it assists with my writing, I guarantee it’ll help you with gaining a fresh perspective on life. Silence the noise and hear the muse in the solitude. Sometimes, she speaks so low, you have no other choice but to silence the things around you in order to hear her, but her message is always worth it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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