Introducing Crimson Moon Hideaway!

Have you heard? Black Hollow is moving out west!!! Well, not the entire town, or any of the characters, or the fantastic storylines, or…hmmmm….perhaps I should explain what I mean. You see, the authors of Black Hollow, a series many of you have come to love, have created their own paranormal vacation resort below Crescent City, California, deep in the redwoods between Damnation and Redemption Creek. You’ll get the same fantastic stories filled with folklore, mythology, and supernatural characters released every month. However, instead of just one author at a time, you’ll be getting five or more, as the Black Hollow authors bring readers some of their other favorite authors as well as some new faces, each guaranteed to keep readers turning the pages as these authors bring their own twist on vacation.

The adventure starts in October with Gracen Miller’s Black Hollow story, Finding Her Wizard, which is up for pre-order now. Then, November fifth, the first set of stories will hit the shelves, each an adventure with new characters, gripping plots, and sizzling scenes. You won’t want to miss this new world with a familiar flavor. And, as it happens, I’ll be one of the first authors releasing in November, along with Mireille Chester, Julia Lake Mills, Kerry Adrienne, Lia Davis, Terri A. Wilson, and Renee Hewett. My story, Muse Unleashed, is now up for pre-order, so one-click HERE and snag your copy.

But you don’t have to wait until November to be a part of this amazing new world. Join us on Facebook at Crimson Moon Hideaway Fans for posts from your favorite authors, some giveaways, sneak peeks, and other exciting news. Also, visit us on the web at for even more upcoming releases, as well as your one-stop shop for all things Black Hollow and Crimson Moon Hideaway.

A new world, new characters, new authors, but with the same old excitement and adventure. You definitely don’t want to miss this.

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