Mean Girls Need Love, Too

I’m not sure why, but one of the themes in a couple of my series has to do with the relationship between sisters. I didn’t really think about it until I finished To Be Cherished this year, but the Driscoll sisters as well as the Harper twins are stories where sisters either hate or love each other, one being the calm individual who just wants everyone to get along and enjoy their life, and the other who feels the world—and her family—owes her just because she was born. Complete opposites, but don’t most families contain such drastically different individuals, even when raised under the same roof? In Losing Faith, we meet Faith Greer, who has just entered the swinging lifestyle and is eager to explore her wilder side after having lived as a nun all her life, and her sister, Cherish Lansky, who used to be the wild child and is now a grumpy mother in baggy clothes who seems afraid to smile. While Faith embraces the positive, Cherish wallows in the negative, and soon we find out, they’re both sleeping with the same man! That, of course, only makes the animosity between the two burn hotter.

In Sibling Rivalry, first in The Harper Twins series, Aimee Harper is just wanting to get her car fixed, but her sister, Karla, thinks women shouldn’t have to pay for things such as auto repairs and comes up with her own way of doing things. Throwing her feminine wiles at the mechanic, Karla thinks she’s helping, only Aimee refuses to accept her sister’s efforts, even after Karla does the dirty deed with Mitch Greenway. To throw fuel onto the fire between the sisters, Mitch actually asks Aimee out on a date—after he’s slept with Karla. Of course, this goes against the rule the twins have had since high school—no one dates both sisters. Apparently, sleeping with twins is on some people’s bucket list. Aimee doesn’t care about the ancient rule, and Karla spends most of the book doing her best to make Aimee regret her decision.

However, even mean girls deserve love-or in this case, loving. Therefore, Cherish and Karla each received their own stories: To Be Cherished and Taming Karla. In these books, we discover just why these ladies became so bitter in the first place and meet the men who are determined to prove to them they are worthy of love regardless of the mistakes they’ve made in life. Everyone can have redemption, no matter how hard they fight against it.

The Rutherford Series and The Harper Twins are as much about family life as they are about romance and steamy scenes, and readers have already told me how they started out hating Karla and Cherish, believing they could never enjoy a story where they were the heroines, but fell in love with their stories. I’m sure you will as well. Check out these series and see how sisters love and hate each other while the men in their lives run interference.

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