Grab Your Tissue!

Grab the tissues!

I’ll share a giveaway at the end, so make sure you read all the way through! For now, however -

The Rutherford Series has continued, and from what people have told me so far, it’s my most emotional read to date, and that doesn’t surprise me at all. Before we go much further, have you read the Rutherford Series yet? It started with my second release, Losing Faith, and took me two years to write the second book in the series, Roll the Dice, and finally, over six years since Losing Faith was published, the third book in the series, To Be Cherished, has hit the shelves. After writing Cherish Lansky’s tale, I can see why it took so long for the next story to be told. For those who might not have been with us in 2013, let’s get you caught up. Cherish Lansky is Faith Greer’s sister, youngest of the Driscoll children and the most rebellious. She’s married to Glen, and her son, Jordie, is about to turn five. She was the wild child of the Driscoll siblings, and her mother dotes on her to the point of being nauseating. Cherish takes full advantage of it as well, but with the birth of Jordie, life took on a drastic conservative twist. No more parties, no wild nights of reckless abandon, drugs, and sex. Instead, she found herself on the couch, playing mom and wife—and hating it. *Spoiler — if you haven’t read Losing Faith, you might want to skip this part.* As we discovered at the end of Losing Faith, Faith wasn’t the only one having an affair with Edwin Coldwell. The sisters both had him in their...grasps. Only with Faith, Selby knew and approved; he's kinky that way. Glen was clueless. Once he finds out, he storms out, and Cherish spends the next few chapters doing her best to put her family back together while trying to figure out how to recapture the feeling of being alive she feels she is missing. She doesn’t want to lose her family, but she feels as if she’s already lost herself. And then Glen discovers what Cherish has needed all along—someone to take control. Can he do it? He saved Cherish once; can he save her again? To Be Cherished is a story of love, betrayal, and reconciliation even in the face of the darkest of circumstances. A cheating spouse is something no one wants to have happen, but this story faces the what-if when it does. Can forgiveness be had? Can a marriage be saved? Does love trump everything? To Be Cherished is out, so one-click today and find out the answers to those questions. And don’t forget the tissue box. As I hear it, you’re going to need it. And then, look forward to His To Command, book four in the Rutherford series, due out in the spring. We’ll find out what happened to the one who set the sisters against each other, Edwin Coldwell.

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