The Joys of Writing in Other Worlds

As many of you know, I write in two other worlds besides those of my own imagination—Black Hollow and Dark Moon Falls. In both worlds, I am once again surrounded by talented, creative ladies, just like in my every day life. Writing in a world that someone else created, however, has it’s upsides as well as its downsides. This week, I thought I would share some of the joys with you that keep me writing in these two worlds. I’ll upfront and tell you I didn’t plan on ever writing in another world belonging to someone else after my short stint in the Kindle Worlds. Not that anything went wrong during that time; I just discovered, which the girls already knew, that I work better following my own quirky mindset. I have a certain way of doing things that works for me, and it’s hard to work with others who don’t have the same crazy habits.

Of course, that’s also one of the joys of writing in another world. I get to tap into the creative and organizational world of other authors. I get to see how others develop their stories and their characters, shining light on my weakspots and strengthening my writing. These two worlds have stretched me creatively while allowing me to stay close to my comfort zone.

Another of the joys is the energy that comes from working with people who have the same goal—to see the stories each of them have written fly into the hands of eager readers, capturing them, and making them fall in love with our characters. Everyone helps spread the news, comes up with ideas to get the word out, helps to grow ARC Teams and Promo Teams. These ladies have come up with things I never would have thought of in a million years, and they’re sharing those ideas with everyone else because we want everyone to succeed. We are not each other’s competition, but rather, we’re colleagues, there to boost each other to the next level.

I get excited when they share their story ideas, amazed at the creative process these ladies have with their stories. I can’t help but be energized by listening to them talk, which then makes me eager to get back to the keyboard to pound out my own tales.

And the patience level everyone has for everyone else is encouraging. There are no divas, no egos, no moody coworkers you try to avoid. Everyone is on equal footing. And the best part? All of that excitement and enthusiasm comes through in the stories. We hear it from the readers, and it keeps us coming up with newer, fresher ideas. I have three other worlds of my own I am deeply committed to, but I’m glad when these ladies reached out and said, “Hey, want to be a part of this world?” I had the guts to say yes. It truly has been a growth experience as well as damn fun.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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