Roll the Dice Cover Reveal


Anytime you take a chance with your heart, it’s a gamble. Yet, unless you take a chance and Roll the Dice, you’ll never know if you’re going to win or not. Jacqui Karston has known loss and because of that she refuses to take chances with her life. She has a father to take care of, a company to run, and a city to rebuild. She doesn’t have time to take a chance on love and she no longer has the heart for it.

Morgan Brewer––who we’ve met in Losing Faith––has been divorced twice, mainly because he can’t seem to say no to anything in a skirt that walks across his path. He’s been sent to Biloxi to open up a new Rutherford Construction office and his carefree attitude hits Jacqui’s all-business demeanor. Will her icy attitude freeze his fiery view of life? Will Morgan be able to get Jacqui to loosen up and enjoy the life that lies before her?

Roll the Dice is a romantic journey of opposites who are forced to interact with each other. One is living in her past, trapped by the grief that grips her heart; the other is running from his past, always looking for that next romp in the sack that will keep him from ever having to face his life. Roll the Dice is about taking chances, chances with a new company, a new city, and with the heart. Will Morgan be able to get Jacqui to roll the dice and take a chance on life? Will Jacqui be the chance Morgan needs to finally take life serious? Or is it all just a game to pass the time until Morgan goes home?

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