Meet Faith and Selby Greer

Faith and Selby Greer are the main characters of Losing Faith. They have been together for about a decade and few months prior to the beginning of this tale, they had just opened their marriage up sexually. It started with Selby getting his wife to open up about her fantasies and when she shared that she was turned on at the idea of having an escapade with two men at once, Selby was quick to bring it about. It wasn’t exactly easy, however.


When our couple first met, they were complete opposites, but luckily for us, opposites attract. Selby has always been the carefree sort, uninhibited by traditional morals and standards. He believes that as long as what you are doing isn’t hurting anyone else, then it shouldn’t be anyone else’s business. You should be free to live your own life and pursue what makes you happy. After all, you only get one shot at this life.

Faith, however, lived to please others, especially her very conservative and religious mother. She has always been more of a follower than a leader and is driven by making sure people like her. She is a great employee, friend and wife, but has a hard time standing up for herself or even believing how good of a person she is.

That is, until the Greers open up their sex life to include others. As others show interest and attention to Faith, she grows more and more confident. She craves the attention and does whatever she can to keep receiving it. No longer content being the timid church mouse, she has become a major tease and flirt in public and at work. This confidence, however, rocks the boat with her domineering sister and their controlling mother. Selby, on the other hand, loves the change in his wife and wishes it to continue.

The next phase in their sexual evolution is to play with others without the other one present. Their marriage was strong enough to handle having adventures with other people while they were all together. Will it, however, be strong enough to handle the other one having sexual encounters without them? How will they handle the emotions that crop up as intimacy grows between their spouse and a boyfriend or girlfriend? What do they learn about themselves and each other in the process? All of this is explored in Losing Faith, the first erotic novel in the Rutherford Series. Make sure to pick up your copy.

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