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The Rutherford Series


A husband with a fantasy, a wife with a crush, and their journey into an open marriage.


Faith Greer has led a sheltered life, but all of that is about to change when her husband shares a fantasy with her, one that includes others.


Barely thirty years old, Faith feels as if she’s just now beginning to enjoy the carnal side of life, so when Selby comes to her about opening up their marriage, she’s not sure what to think. And then her boss, Edwin Coldwell, begins to flirt with her.


A mother who thinks Faith’s out of control, a sister who thinks she wants her job, and a redhead who seems to want her husband—not to mention Faith, as well—keep her frustrated, but then not as frustrated as Edwin when he dares her to visit him after work. When the Greers open the door to their marriage, they’re fine sharing their bodies, but they soon discover it’s hard to stop there. Now Faith risks losing her heart, and Selby his wife.


Losing Faith is more than a love triangle, it’s a one-night stand that turns into an obsession.


A single father new to the area, a widow who refuses to feel, and their second chance at love.


Morgan Brewer is resigned to his punishment, and even more so when he comes across the frosty Jacqui Karston. Then the move to Biloxi doesn’t seem so much like exile as it does a promising opportunity.


Sent to Biloxi to open a new office for Rutherford Construction, Morgan takes it all in stride, refusing to change his cavalier behavior. He sees the town as simply another playground for his womanizing. That is, until the grieving C.E.O. of the Karston Foundation walks into the restaurant, catching his eyes and changing his plans.


Jacqui Karston doesn’t want Rutherford Construction in Biloxi, and she definitely doesn’t want them working on the building she intends to erect to honor her late daughter. However, the more obstacles she throws in his path, the more determined he is to tear them down. With the future of his company at stake, Morgan has a decision to make: lose his job, or lose his heart.


Roll the Dice is a enemies to lovers, second chance romance guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings.


A faithful husband betrayed, a cheating wife broken, and their second chance of repairing their marriage.


Glen Lansky had his suspicions; he just didn’t want them to be true. But they were. His wife had cheated on him.


Cherish Lansky had responsibility thrust upon her at a young age—motherhood, marriage, her life changed forever. However, she wasn’t ready for it. She still had so much she wanted to do, things she wanted to experience. And then, the most exciting adventure of her life stood in front of her, all six-feet, two-inches of him.


Glen loved her and had sacrificed everything to protect her and provide for her and her unborn child, dropping out of college, taking a manual labor job. All for Cherish. And then she cheated on him with her boss, throwing everything he did for her in his face and ripping his heart out. Now he’s faced with a miserable decision: give in to the pain and allow his family to fall apart or bury his shame and fight to keep them together.


To Be Cherished is a second chance romance filled with angst and betrayal, hope and plenty of family drama.


A boss rejected, an assistant with a chip on her shoulder, and if they can stop fighting long enough, a second chance for both to feel once more.


As punishment for his office flings, Edwin Coldwell has been sent to Savannah to open a new office—that is if his assistant doesn’t get him fired first.


Trying to put the mistakes of the past behind him, Edwin doesn’t realize that his salvation cost Andrea Newbury the man she loved. It isn’t until one drunken night that he discovers it wasn’t so much the man, but the control he offered. The submissive lost her dominant.


Edwin feels torn in several directions: he needs to impress the boss who gave him a second chance, he needs to gain the trust of their first client who wants him to build a dungeon, and he needs to gain the confidence of the woman who wants him sent back to Florida. And then he starts to see her as something other than his enemy. As Edwin develops feelings for his assistant, he gets faced with a choice: his career or his heart.


His to Command is a second chance romance with slight BDSM undertones.

SharingHearts-eBook-R.CWynne (1).jpg

And the three became one….


Selby Greer has fallen head-over-heels in love with another woman. The amazing thing is, so has his wife.


Faith and Selby Greer have explored a lot in their eight-year marriage, but now something even more exciting faces them. Or rather, someone more exciting. What started out as simply a fun adventure, a friends-with-benefits experience, has blossomed into a full-blown love affair. But, can three people form a lasting relationship?


Faced with their family’s disapproval, the sudden appearance of an old boyfriend, and the obstacles that face a polyamorous relationship, the Greers face their own battles of jealousy as they bring Tracey Bennet into their family.


Bombarded on every side, as well as within their own marriage, the Greers must make a choice: trust their hearts or walk away from the person they love.

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