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The Harper Twins

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A sister who lives by the rules, the twin who knows no boundaries, and the dominant who wants them both.


Twenty-four-year-old Aimee Harper is a quiet rule-follower, who believes she will never find love—until Mitch Greenway asks her out instead of her more cavalier twin sister.


She just wants her car fixed, but when Mitch tells her it’ll cost her a dinner date, Aimee doesn’t know what to do. Her sister has already shown interest in the rough mechanic, and they’ve always had one rule—no one dates both twins. But god, he’s so frickin’ cute! And he wants her. Nothing like this has ever happened to her before. When push comes to shove, and her sister gives her an ultimatum, Aimee must make a choice: to break their only rule and finally find her happy-ever-after, or give in to her sister again.


Sibling Rivalry is a new adult romance with a twisted love triangle that threatens to drive the Harper twins apart.


A twin with a wild side, a dominant with an itch, and their second chance of proving they deserve love.


Karla Harper doesn’t believe in love, mainly because she doesn’t believe anyone can love her as she is. And then she meets Mitch Greenway.


All her life, relationships have been a means to an end, her body a tool—or a weapon—to get what she wanted out of life because she didn’t feel anyone would ever accept her and her twisted desires. What she didn’t know was that Mitch felt the same way. He also had the same desires.


The more Mitch attempts to prove to her that he can accept her dark side, the more Karla strives to prove she’s beyond his control and unworthy of love. And then, as if to sabotage her only chance at happiness, she leaves the bar with another man.


When Mitch confronts her about her misguided behavior, Karla is faced with a decision: trust the man who wishes to own her or walk away from a future about which she’s only fantasized.


Taming Karla is a new adult, beachy romance with a taste of dominance and submission. Get this steamy read now!


A single father trying to make it all work, a young lawyer’s assistant, and their second chance to create a new family.


Clint Asher has been trying to keep it together since his wife walked out on him and his three-year-old daughter, and just as he’s about to start a new chapter with Aimee Harper, life decides to throw him a curve ball.


With Aimee’s sister now settled in her own relationship, Aimee can focus on her own love interest down the hall—single father Clint Asher. The two have shared everything from  dinner out to intimate moments to photo shoots in abandoned houses. Now he’s willing to move on with his life, and Aimee is the lady who has captured his heart.


Just as the two of them begin their magical journey, however, Clint’s ex-wife knocks on his door, full of regret and begging for a second chance.


Faced with the man she loves having the chance to get his family back, Aimee must decide: simply walk away with a broken heart or fight for the man she knows she wants to marry.


Always Aimee is a new adult, second chance romance that will pull at your heartstrings. Pick up this beach read today!


The Harper Twins are now all in one place!!!


There was only one rule – No guy gets to date both of them.


And then there was Mitch Greenway.


The Harper Twins brings together three books following the romantic, most often chaotic, lives of Aimee and Karla Harper as they flounder to find their way through love, family, and the emotional baggage of the past.


Aimee and Karla have set their gazes on the same man, and the rivalry that erupts between them threatens to undo them. Aimee is soft-spoken, reserved, and a hopeless romantic. Karla is the wild child, grabbing what she wants in life without worrying about the consequences or what people think of her in the end.


And then there was Mitch, who wanted them both exactly as they were.


Aimee and Karla know their rules for life keep them safe, protecting them from predators who would make them their victims, but suddenly they come across the man who makes breaking the rules well worth it.


No one fights harder than family with each other. One-click The Harper Twins now to see how this drama unfolds as each girl surrenders to the sensual whims of the one man they both desire.

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