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Garrison Security Innovation

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She wanted to avenge the past. He wanted to begin his future. Only together can they survive the present.


Marissa Pooley failed five years ago when she failed to believe her friend. His body was discovered after a rebel skirmish, and the man who had him killed got away. Now, she’ll do anything to bring him to justice.


Beginning the next phase of his life, Dane Garrison brings the team to Biloxi, and his first job thrusts him into the past he thought he left five years ago in Afghanistan. Yet, when he looks at the computer monitor, he sees the woman he thought he had lost forever, and suddenly the mission has taken a personal turn.


The feisty Marissa must join with the former SEAL to see justice achieved, but in the process will they ignite the embers that first sparked so many years ago? Will love be renewed in this action-packed adventure guaranteed to keep you turning the pages? One-Click Shadows Renewed and see the fireworks fly.

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She moved on without him. He never could forget. Now, they need each other to survive.


Cynthia Hightower had it made, a great husband, a fantastic son, and a thriving business. All right, the family she married into wasn’t the best, but then you can’t have everything. She knew that for a fact because she lost the one thing she wanted in all the world. The man she truly loved.


Former SEAL, Samuel Garner returns to Charleston to help a family who betrayed him when he was in high school More to the point, he’s there to help the best friend who stole his girl. Yet, not everything is as it seems, and in his desire to bring closure to the shadows that have haunted him for thirteen years, Sam finds that those feelings are being revived. The question is can they all stay alive long enough to know what to do with them.


One-click Shadows Revived for a suspenseful romantic adventure with twists and turns where you never know if family or foe is out to get you

03-GSI-Shadows Regained.jpg


Another romantic suspense story involving the former Navy SEALs of the Garrison Security Innovations team!


She needed to protect her sister; he needs to protect her. However, the thugs gunning for the trio want them all dead.


Melinda Jackson doesn’t have a choice. In order to save her sister, she has to take down the Triple 7s Casino and hand over their money to the crime ring her sister betrayed.


While working on a case involving Triple 7s Casino, Corey Masterson, also known as Blaze to those on the G.S.I. team, uncovers something extremely familiar. Could the code he’s staring at actually be the woman he walked away from five years ago?


Shadows Regained is a second chance love story with twists, turns, and enough steam to fog up one’s glasses. One-click now and enter the cyber world of computer hacking and crime syndicates.

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