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Fangirls - The Collection

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Romance is more than just stories between the covers of a book, and many hope the tales spring from the pages and into their lives. Fangirls: The Collection will keep you fanning yourself and searching the Internet for the nearest author event for a weekend getaway.


In Book #1, we met Nikki. Who would have thought that sharing a table could change a person's life?


Then in Book #2, we bonded with Lily Mason. She wanted to be Jack's next adventure, and not in the pages of his book.


Book #3 follows Cassie, who has heard the rumors about the Bishops, and dreams of an adventure with the couple of her fantasies.


In Book #4, Olivia's cover model and boyfriend, Patrick, has dove into his bad boy persona with a little too much enthusiasm. Will her jealousies overwhelm or will she be able to separate fantasy from real life?


Book #5, brings us to Willow's story. Starting out as the wallflower, who only wants to eavesdrop on the conversations around her, Willow finally is thrust into the attention of her favorite author, Benson Taylor, an older gentleman who just so happens to live in Willow's hometown. 

Fangirls - Nikki.jpg

Infatuation begins in the most unusual places, and then that infatuation becomes obsession.

Romance leaps from the pages into the lives of these Fangirls in unexpected, yet exhilarating ways.


Nikki Sanford only wanted a place to work in peace. That’s it. She didn’t want company. Or conversation. Or even coffee, really. Just a place to sit and get her work done that wasn’t at her dining room table. What she wanted was not what she received, however. The Perk & Grind was filled to capacity. Yet, an unfortunate night may just set her on a path she never knew existed with someone she never would have even considered.

Fangirls -Lily.jpg

Lily wanted the chance to break in her own author, to be the first to scuff up his pristine floor mats.

Sure Lily Mason wanted to help her daughter at her author event, but that wasn’t the only reason—the real reason—she was going. No, the real reason was Jack Sutherland. Now his books kept her company in bed at night…


The Fangirls stories continue as Lily joins her daughter, author Cassandra Mason, at a book signing event in St, Augustine. However, will Lily have the courage to overcome her infatuation with Jack long enough to say hello?

Fangirls - Cassie.jpg

Cassie wants more than a good story from author Kristi Bishop. She wants the steamy reality.

She's heard the rumors, the stories that other authors whisper about how the Bishops attend author events hoping to find someone to have sex with all weekend. Cassie wanted to be that someone. She wanted Kristi Bishop to teach her, not only how to be successful as a writer, but also about the polyamorous relationships Kristi writes about in her novels. Cassie wants to know if they’re real, needs to know if they’re real. Yet, Cassie receives more than she bargains for as fantasies turn into reality and the stories leave the safety of the pages, moving from book covers to bed covers.

Fangirls -Olivia.jpg

Olivia Smoaks has the perfect cover model boyfriend, except no one knows Patrick is actually her boyfriend.

Olivia thought it was a good idea. What woman doesn’t drool over the men on book covers and then to have that model be your boyfriend… Yet Patrick dove into his bad boy persona with a little too much enthusiasm for her. So did the readers who attended the St. Augustine Author Event. Will Olivia’s jealousies overwhelm or will she be able to separate fantasy from real life? For that matter, will Patrick?

Fangirls - Willow.jpg

Age doesn't matter when fantasy becomes reality.

Seen as the quiet voyeur at the St. Augustine Author Event, Willow Thornton is the reader trying to summon the courage to say hello to her favorite author, Benson Taylor. What Benson doesn't know is that Willow, who lives in the same town as Benson, has followed him around since she picked up his first book several years ago, always remaining in the shadows. She's hoping this event will give her the courage to get her out of the shadows and into his arms and Olivia Smoaks is determined to help her.

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