Destined Mates Series


She lost her magic. He’s about to lose his town. Only together can they protect their future.


Faced with betrayal, Adira Brennan lashed out in anger, and it shattered her magic. Now, she’s being sent to Bull Creek to assist the alpha in protecting the haven’s residents. However, the alpha of the town thinks she needs protecting the most. She’ll prove to him she’s not some weak female who runs at the first sign of trouble. But, without her magic, what good is she?


For a year, Dimitri Everest had been fighting the ambitions of the alpha of the coyote pack who has been hellbent on chasing humans out of Bull Creek. The Paranormal Council promised to send help, but the witch they sent could barely cast a spell. Suddenly, she is the main one he wants to protect, and his panther is in full agreement.


Magic’s Mate is a steamy paranormal romance full of action, strong women, and alpha men, that will keep you turning the pages to see if Adira and Dimitri can save Bull Creek and return Adira’s magic to her. Along the way, they may even find something else; they may find their Destined Mate.


She needed to escape an abusive past. He needed to escape a fatal mistake. Thrown together, will they be able to find the healing they need?

Having moved to Bull Creek to hide from an abusive ex-boyfriend, Eve Hartlow is now content with the quiet life she etched out for herself. A human among paranormals, she keeps a knife at her waist, not for protection against her supernatural neighbors, but against her devastating past.

Arlin Landry made a fatal mistake in Draven Falls one night at Shades, a mistake that cost a man is his life. Now, forced to leave town until the heat dies down, he visits his brother in Bull Creek, a brother who just so happens to be somewhere else. Arlin’s content to kick back and relax in the quiet setting, putting his action back home out of his mind. That is, until he sees his destined mate.

When Eve's past finds her, it threatens to finish what was started, and Arlin's tiger won't permit him to look away. Will he make the same mistake he made in Draven Falls? Can Eve escape her past?

One-Click Mate’s appeal now to discover the allure of Destined Mates.


Lainie Everest left her home in Draven Falls to avoid the mating her parents chose for her. Now, making a new life for herself as a deputy in Bull Creek, she’s quite happy solving crime and hanging out with her friends as she helps her brother, Dimitri, protect the people of Bull Creek.

Rance Culpepper likes his life as a detective for the Pensacola District Attorney's Office, adventure, travel, and one-night stands aplenty. That is, until the death of a witness he was tracking takes him to a small township called Bull Creek where he meets a sassy deputy who wants him to mind his own business. He’d be happy to do that, if she would just keep her nose out of his case.

However, Lainie’s panther and Rance’s Wolf have other plans.


A woman lost, a groom rejected, and a shifter deceived.

Noel Hastings didn't mean to fall in love when she moved to Bull Creek, romance being far from her mind. She craved knowledge, instead, answers about the paranormal world, a world thrust in her face, scaring her into running away from her home.

Wes Stapleton knew Noel had secrets. After all, everyone in Bull Creek had secrets. He was willing, however, to wait until she was ready to share what she kept guarded in her heart. He loved her enough that her secrets, whatever they were, didn't matter.

That was before her secrets walked into Everglades demanding to know why Noel had run away from the altar and her future husband.

One-click now to see whether Noel chooses the future or the past. Or is there another alternative?


A mate denied, a man torn, and a wife caught in the middle.

Fitzgerald Everest did what any loyal son would do; he married the woman his father told him to marry to protect the family's future. Yet, what does that mean for his Destined Mate?

Kinsey Pickford needed to escape. Denied her mate, she knew it was only a matter of time before the pull of the mating call drove her crazy. Her only recourse was to escape to Bull Creek.

Amanda Everest wasn't sure what it meant to marry into the Everest family or what a Destined Mate truly was until she noticed her husband's odd behavior. Now, she needed to make some hard choices to save the man she had grown to love.

When the heart is pulled in two directions, who will keep it from being ripped apart?

06-DM-Fortune's Mate-eBook.jpg

She just wanted to belong; he just wanted to find his purpose; what they didn’t realize was that they needed each other.


Ezra Havlin made a nice life for himself in Bull Creek, helping Dimitri and the others protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. It was almost like he was back on Para-Force without having to leave home. However, the paranormal safe haven soon becomes the net when the past comes hunting for him.


It was supposed to be a simple scam, like always. However, when Winnifred Preston arrives in Bull Creek, she is thrown a loop when her partner tells her there’s a darker motive to why he picked this particular town. Now, It’s all she can do to keep herself alive. And then she meets a bear shifter she can’t get out of her mind.


Call it fate, call it destiny, call it blind luck, Ezra finds himself once more thrown into the fire as the past comes to bring him down, only this time, it threatens his future, as well.

One-click Fortune’s Mate now to see if this fortune teller can change her prediction and save the bear she loves.