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Dark Moon Falls


Welcome to Dark Moon Falls … where everything is not as it seems. It has secrets, shifters, romance, villains and so much more.

He craves solitude. She needs protection. To survive, one must trump the other.

Isolated in the mountains around Dark Moon Falls was exactly how Logan Rafferty wanted to live. His time with the Pack Hunters left him scarred with nightmares that stole his sleep, and being around people left him shaking with memories of his failure.

Madison Cross witnessed a brutal massacre in the woods, one she would never forget. Now, she is hunted by a group of rogues who need to silence the only witness to their crime. She thought she had escaped, but the past is always right behind her.

Running from her past, Madison crashes into Logan's present, and now both may have a new future.

Logan is a stand-alone novel set within the Dark Moon Falls world, and all stories can be read on their own.


He just needed a night of fun; she just needed out of her current life. It turns out, they needed each other.

Deacon McKay has returned to Dark Moon Falls after serving his country for the past ten years, ready to put the nightmare of being overseas behind him and just enjoy the moment. He's had enough of protecting people, of being put in danger for causes he sometimes doesn't understand.

Purity Atwood feels trapped in a life she no longer desires, working at a club and for a man who sucks the life out of her. She's tried to leave, but that wound her up in the hospital. How much more can she take before life just isn't worth living? Perhaps tonight is the last straw.

As her boyfriend raises his hand to strike Purity one more time, she braces for the inevitable. However, it never arrives. Glancing up, she sees another hand reaching out to her instead. Is he a new menace or perhaps her savior?

One-Click Deacon now as Purity discovers her wolf!


To her, age was just a number. To him, it was their greatest hurdle. Can she convince him they were meant to be before they lose everything?

Hayley Carter didn’t expect to fall in love when she went to college, but then again, she never meant to find such a charismatic professor, either. However, something about him just wouldn’t allow her to walk away even though he was more than twice her age. Of course, just as she was ready to take a chance, the past came back to rip them from each other’s grasp.

After resigning his position at the college, Reed Walker just wanted to go home to Dark Moon Falls and try to forget the fiery redhead who had captured his heart. However, his wolf won’t let him put her out of his mind. Just when he thought he had escaped the whispers of “dirty old man” and the nasty looks, she knocks on his door.

True love leaps every hurdle, but can Hayley convince Reed that their age difference is what makes them a perfect pair before someone from her past rips them apart?

One-Click now to see if their love spans the ages!

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