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Bull Creek Holidays

01 - No Place to Hyde - eBook.jpg

It wouldn’t be a holiday in Bull Creek without something going wrong, and this Halloween is no different.

Shifters are disappearing, and when one of the bodies is discovered with fang marks in its neck, Josh Rayburn believes the vampires are involved and the peace between the factions broken. Of course, he struggles to explain the massive monster carrying the body.

Karena Hahn, leader of the vampire coven on the Fringe of Bull Creek, has kept her secret for decades, but now it might be time to reveal her true nature as corpses of the shifter community start popping up. But is Bull Creek ready to know about the Agamidae? And what of the monster tracking her?

A war between the factions threatens to break out unless Dimitri Everest, Alpha of Bull Creek, can stop it and prove it’s not the vampires killing shifters. However, a new witch moves into his community, and she has no use for an Alpha.

The beast, a conglomerate of shifters by all appearances, isn’t satisfied with what he has and now wants more. Yet, no one can find this creature, a monster more powerful than them all, and quite possibly the dragon no one even knew lived in Bull Creek. And all while Josh plans their first Halloween Festival.

No Place to Hyde promises to be a suspenseful, paranormal adventure of Jekyll and Hyde proportions. One-click now for the ride of your life this Halloween.

02 - Sassy Claws - ebook.jpg

She left Brighton Cove to escape her past, but this holiday season, her past comes to visit.

Alanna Bradbury hates the holidays. They bring back too many memories, memories she would rather forget. However, when those memories step through the front door of the women’s center where she works, everything she wanted to forget flood her mind with nightmares.

It’s Christmas, and after his successful Halloween festival, Josh Rayburn is ready to bring Christmas to Bull Creek. However, the woman he loves wants nothing to do with it. Somehow, he has to get her to change her mind, especially after she brings her work home with her, which threatens to put all of them in danger once more.

Spend the holidays with your favorite paranormals. Christmas in Bull Creek will be suspenseful this year, but isn't every day in this paranormal refuge? Still, Josh is afraid he’ll receive coal in his stocking with the way Alanna is acting. One-click Sassy Claws today to see how much trouble Josh gets himself into this time.

03 - Lir's Children - eBook.jpg

A widower with four children, a jealous witch, and a second chance at acceptance.

For Lir O’Sullivan life seems to finally be turning back around; he’s finally healing from the death of his wife, his children are thriving, and he even has a new girlfriend. However, his new girlfriend is ready to make a change.

St. Patrick’s Day has hit Bull Creek, and the town is painted green while the first festivities to celebrate the holiday are in the works. Everything seems to be going great, until Lir’s children disappear. Surely, this isn’t the change his girlfriend had in mind, is it?

Get Lir’s Children now and see how the residents of Bull Creek celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

04 - For Liberty's Sake- ebook.jpg

A kidnapped witch, a desperate husband, and a mother-in-law ready to kill.

Maureen Mondor has moved to Bull Creek to lose herself in the quiet surroundings and avoid the red tape of the world—and then her son-in-law shows up on her doorstep with news that her daughter might have been kidnapped.

Oliver Stackhouse knows all about the paranormal world thanks to his wife, Liberty, being a witch. So, when he hears of a plot to wipe out supernatural beings, he does what he thinks is best and reports the chemical weapons he’s discovered. However, The Order of Wardens isn’t ready to be exposed just yet.

Dodging bullets, Oliver makes it to Bull Creek where he knows he’ll get help, if not a warm welcome. It doesn’t matter, though. He would do anything to rescue his wife. Even face the crotchety Maureen.

This Fourth of July, there promises to be more than simply fireworks in the paranormal town of Bull Creek. Factions will face off with each other as they wrestle with the question of which is more important, the one or the many?

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