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Black Hollow


A sister lost and a paranormal bank threatened with collapse.

Kerry Underwood begged her sister not to take the job in Black Hollow. Now, her sister's missing, and Kerry must go to the community she can't even find on a map in search of her. However, Black Hollow is nothing like she expected, and she fears the truth of a real paranormal town put her sister in danger. To make matters worse, the rugged bank manager who lured her sister to Black Hollow keeps stonewalling Kerry, keeping the answers she desperately needs close to his powerful chest.

Arden McCarthy, leprechaun and bank manager at The End of the Rainbow Savings & Trust, is in a desperate hunt to uncover the threat to his bank's funding. However, the private investigator he hired to ferret out the culprit has vanished along with any leads she uncovered. To complicate matters, the investigator's sister arrived in Black Hollow and keeps sticking her nose in his business.

Frustrated with the mysterious leprechaun, Kerry resists her desire for Arden, while fearing he's weaving his way into her heart.


A man wanting to die. A demon wanting to live. However, Satan controls the fates of both.

Jackson Lantern has walked the globe for centuries thanks to a deal he struck with the devil. Too vile for Heaven and banished from Hell, Jackson lives out his existence in Black Hollow, a loner who has witnessed the passing of everyone he's ever loved, vowing never to risk love again.

Meredith Vanth tortured souls for Satan, punishing evil-doers for their sins until the suffering she inflicted became too much. Escaping Hell, she's discovered the life she craves in Black Hollow. However, the Prince of Darkness wants her back in his kingdom carrying out the punishments he decrees. Of course, Lucifer is always prepared to make a deal.

Twice, Jackson has conned the devil and won. He's Meredith's only hope for the life she desires. However, can she convince Jackson To Trick the Devil one more time?


The time for clowning around is over as Professor Compton's Phantom Circus arrives in Black Hollow.

April McCray merely wants to enjoy spring break, avoiding the crowds of rambunctious children attending the circus. However, the Powers That Be yank her banshee from her peaceful evening, shoving her into the nightmare of a dark-haired stranger as she tries to warn him of a loved one's soon demise. Once she's safely back in her own home, April can't stop thinking about the man with the pale-red eyes.

Wyatt Compton refuses to be anyone's fool, especially whoever is murdering his family. He has to uncover the killer before he strikes again, this time killing Wyatt's grandfather, but how can he do that among a group of shapeshifters?

The circus comes to Black Hollow, bringing a killer along with it, thrusting April and Wyatt together in a race to save his grandfather. Can they stop whoever desires to kill the ringmaster, or has the circus finally met its end?

One-Click now and join the crowds of Professor Compton's Phantom Circus!


The past has returned. So have the nightmares.
Miles Lysander struggled for decades to put the past behind him and recapture the serenity he experienced before the Korean Conflict. With the help of Deana Abbington, he is almost there. However, a stranger has appeared in Black Hollow, bringing back memories of time Miles would prefer to forget.
Seeing her grandfather on her doorstep excited Deana Abbington, and she couldn’t wait to show him around town. However, a run-in with her grandfather’s past, brings the visit to a quick boil, and Deana is put between one of the people in her Struggling Paranormals Anonymous group and the man she strove to be like her entire life.
Can the present survive the collision with the past? One-Click Blood Shadows now as worlds collide and nightmares walk the streets during the day.


"I miss you when I wake, and all I do throughout the day is yearn to sleep again, because only in my sleep do I find you."


Sandie is only happy when he’s asleep, and that’s because he’s finally found the woman of his dreams, literally. However, when his brother shows up, demanding he turn back to the Grim Path or endure the culling, Sandie must fight to protect the other Sandmen. He turns his back on his dreams. That is, until she walks through the door of Daydreamer Inn.

Destiny Frazier’s nephew suffers from nightmares, and the only way she can discover what’s causing them is to take a dream walk through his mind. However, she discovers something even more when she’s strolling the dream worlds. She finds the man she craves.

Dreams become reality in Slumber’s Destiny as Sandie and the Black Hollow family have to unite to keep the usurper from the throne. One-click now to see how a dream can change your life forever.

Blackhollow5B_W Ebook.jpg

A retired grim reaper, a reincarnated lost love, and their second chance at a love cut short.


Misha Rasputin has put the past behind her, having served centuries to save her village from Pesta, the Black Death—and then the past walks into her pet store.


For almost seven centuries, Misha, trapped the body of a twenty-seven-year-old, served her time as the being responsible for guiding souls from this life to the next. She sacrificed everything to save her small village: her family, her life, and her forever love. With her time as a grim reaper over, she merely wants to live out the rest of her existence in Black Hollow, shutting out the pain of the past. So far, she’s managed to accomplish just that. And then Carson Reed walks into her store.


Carson tries to convince her that he’s the love she’s been waiting for, and it looks as if she’s about to surrender to his seduction when another grim reaper appears to claim Carson’s soul.


With her future with Carson threatened, Misha has a difficult choice to make: watch the love of her life be ripped away from her again, or reach out to Pesta to make another deal, one that might cost Misha her very soul.


Download Yesterday’s Reaper today to see whether Misha reaps more agony and pain, or finally gets the love she knows she deserves.

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