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The Best of Both Worlds


One woman in love with two men. Two men in love with the same woman. This year, Santa has his job cut out for him.


Susanna Tawnie is trapped with no clue as to how to get herself out of the mess she's created. For a year, she's been happy living with her roommates, two men who would do anything for her and, to her delight, do anything to her. There's only one catch, however. Neither man knows she's exploring with the other one.


Caiden Grisham is easygoing, spontaneous, and prefers his days at the beach. Brandon Wallace, on the other hand, is more dominant in everything he does, especially behind bedroom doors. Susanna can't deny how both men, combined, complete her, giving her the best of both worlds - one carefree and romantic, and the other dominant and structured.


This holiday season, she’s not hoping for much. Just that both men be hers. That's not asking Santa for too much this Christmas, is it?


One-click now to see if Susanna gets what she desires for Christmas or if Santa puts coal in her stocking.

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Santa brought Susanna her Christmas gift early - both of her roommates. The question now is what she's to do with both of them and how they can make a relationship work with three people. Yet, they're all ready and willing to cross those lines and form a triad of love and passion. Susanna will just have to wait and see how this steamy holiday will turn out.


Caiden is quite happy with the new arrangement, even willing to sacrifice his dislike for his roommate's lifestyle in order to be with the woman he can't live without. After all, the entire love-triangle was his idea.


As with everything else he does, Brandon throws everything he can into this new dynamic with his roommates, even to the point of reining in his desire for a full blown dominant/submissive relationship. Yet, his phone keeps ringing, but he never answers it.


Susanna doesn't question it until Molly Bennet, Brandon's former submissive, appears in Susanna's store just before Christmas wanting to give Brandon her own special gift.


Susanna Tawnie had two roommates and suddenly found herself wanting - no, needing - both of them. It was the only thing she desired for Christmas.


Caiden Grisham was soft and romantic. He enjoyed long walks on the beach and sugar in his coffee. Spontaneity was his guiding force and he lived for the moment.


Strict and dominant, Brandon Wallace preferred structure and discipline, especially in the bedroom. He created rules and schedules, expecting them to be obeyed, drank his coffee black, and planned for the future.


Susanna wanted Santa to give her both of her roommates for Christmas, but how could she ask for such a greedy gift, especially after what she did to them?



This Box Set contains two previously published stories - Ribbons & Bows and Under the Wrapping.

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